Why Steel Frames?

Insect, Termite Proof

Steel framing is 100% termite proof, and because of this, steel framing does not require additional chemical treatment to prevent from pest attack.

Strong & Fully Engineered

Can Use Large Spans and Flexibility with Design

Steel framing is strong and durable and can withstand all environments and conditions. Steel framing can also be made in very large spans, unlike timber. It can also be a flexible tool in design when it comes to non-conventional roof lines and structural design ideas.

Won’t Burn, Warp, Settle or Twist

Steel doesn’t warp, twist, bow or settle. Steel frame is engineered to maintain it’s dimensions for the lifespan of the building. Openings to your dwelling (windows & doors etc.) will be perfectly straight and plumb, ensuring that fitting windows and doors is precise. Steel framing takes out all the tedious issues you get with timber bowing and straightening and editing and manipulating on site. Steel is also non-combustible which means it will not burn and will not contribute to any fire threat in the home which significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in the home.

Light Weight

Steel framing is lightweight and easily transportable. It has a far higher strength to weight ratio and can be up to 50% of the weight of a timber frame.

Environmentally Friendly- 100% Recyclable

Steel is 100% recyclable when pure and has an infinite life span. It is the most recycled product on the planet. Termite treated timber is un-recyclable and almost all other timbers are only down-cyclable.

50 Year Warranty

Innovation Steel Frame & Truss is backed by a 50-year Bluescope Steel warranty. This provides homeowners with reassurance and peace of mind.